The WHO treaty will tie all nations to obeying whenever a pandemic is arbitrarily declared meaning lockdowns, enforced vaccination and the censoring of information that goes against the status quo.


Proposed WHO framework would deny everyone in the world bodily autonomy
BACK in December 2021, the World Health Assembly (WHA) adopted a decision entitled ‘The World Together: Establishment of an intergovernmental negotiating body to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response’.
According to the EU, the proposed ‘Pandemic Treaty’ is a ‘legally-binding framework, aiming to ensure that the world can better respond to global health threats in the future.’ The WHA is the main governing body of the World Health Organisation, comprised of of 194 member states including the UK and Ireland.
Lotte Knudsen, EU ambassador to the UN, claimed such a Treaty would allow countries to respond ‘collectively, effectively and immediately’ to future pandemics, and those words may send a chill through anyone who is aware
of encroaching globalisation
and potential impending loss of individual power.
The adoption of a WHO worldwide pandemic treaty
would be an unprecedented
step towards a centralisation of authority. This would inevitably lead to authoritarian approaches with private ‘interests’ involved, damaging not only to health but also to our democratic freedoms and values. German MEP Christine Anderson has spoken out against the WHO Pandemic Treaty which she accurately sums up as ‘a direct attack on the rule of the people by the people’.
The Pandemic Treaty would be tied into the WHO’s QR Verification Code project, intent upon creating
a global digital data bank of eight billion people and currently under design by T-Systems, a company previously tainted by involvement in a corruption scandal in 2011.

This technocratic treaty will
be put to the next World Health Assembly in Geneva in 2023, and voted on in 2024 – with the WHO themselves having stated that they ‘could accelerate this timescale if a new health emergency is declared’.
Countries such as Ireland and Germany have indicated they will sign up for this, but in one example of a strike back, the sovereign people of Ireland have begun a popular online campaign for a referendum (you can visit Lawyers for Justice Ireland on Facebook for more information). Unsurprisingly, Russia and Brazil have been the only two countries to express “scepticism”. Readers may be well advised to
help or create pressure groups opposing this treaty as it is an attack on freedom of movement, bodily autonomy, sovereignty of our land, our digital and personal data and so much more.
Essentially, the threat will tie us all into the ‘data twin’ in a digitally controlled world, for which the infrastructure is already taking shape at speed. It leaves us open to having our rights stolen at the touch of a ‘covid’ or other hyperbole- themed button. Personal rejection of our own digitalisation and refusal to download apps or even own a smartphone are continuing actions to take to slow the speed of these technocratic control systems.
We are living in a situation where the Director General of the WHO recently thanked Bill Gates for sending a copy of his new book and openly claimed that he fully agrees ‘we must act on covid-19’s lessons so that we can deliver swift, equitable health solutions to prevent the next pandemic’. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the second largest donator to the WHO and the largest private contributor, donating to the tune of $1 billion last year. It is no longer seen as a conspiracy theory to deduce that the New World Order is indeed working through the guise of the pandemic, with covid-19 as a tool to oppress freedom on every level.
The WHO treaty will tie all nations into obeying whenever a pandemic is arbitrarily declared

  • meaning lockdowns, enforced vaccination (WHO states a target of a minimum 70 per cent of the total population) and the censoring of

information that can be declared as disinformation if it goes against the programme.
In the UK, we lived through the pain and economic hits when the fake pandemic was declared and we watched as many succumbed to ‘following orders’ as politicians assured them it was ‘to save lives’, using behavioural psychology models to hypnotise a major section of the population.
Covid-19 emergency legislation was implemented but as of the publication of this article, a Freedom of Information request on what remains law has not yet been answered.
What is clear is that across the world, countries have operated in tandem. It is difficult not to argue that the nation state is no longer in control and that almost all nations are following a protocol to usher
in world governmental rule (even when some seem to be playing as
a rogue state). Although individual countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Israel and of course China implemented even more draconian rules than the UK, we would surely be under an extremely rigid pressure from a legally binding international treaty as currently proposed by the WHA/WHO.
The WHO opened a public participation portal for feedback, but they, ‘our government’ and the media have done little to publicise it. Their website was flooded with traffic despite the covert nature of the launch, and Canadian journalist Keean Bexte tweeted that the site crashed due to the volume of submissions by concerned people. The consultation quietly closed on April 13, and it never asked the people if they wanted a treaty, but instead simply enquired as to what they believed it should contain.
That’s why it’s so important right now to research further on this matter, start spreading the word and lobbying. It would appear that the UK is not at this moment pursuing a covid agenda, and has switched the focus and the minds of the masses to the Ukraine and Boris Johnson’s Prime Ministerial tenure; in the background the wheels of totalitarianism are still turning.
Do we want to give up further freedoms without a fight? When the world of full digital ID and the total control of individual countries by the WHO/WHA is looming, what will you tell your children if you don’t oppose it? The planned Great Reset must become our Great Resist and for that we need a Great Awakening.

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