Exclusive: Hanne Nabintu Herland sounds alarm over oligarch ‘pandemic expert’

The coronavirus scandal, with billionaire oligarch “pandemic expert” Bill Gates pushing horror scenarios into the media, has contributed to politicians’ reaction of fear.

This, combined with mass media hysteria, has, in turn, caused a once-in-a-century financial depression. The economic depression may not be due to the virus itself, but rather the panic reaction that was created with the corresponding government shutdowns, as advised by Gates.

At The Herland Report we suggested early that the crisis should be seen in relation to the current U.S.-China trade war. We wrote about the topic of World Health Organization chief Dr. Tedros’ possible politization the day before President Trump addressed it. Two days later it was headlines across the world.

The close relationship between Dr. Tedros and Bill Gates is illustrated by Tedros calling Gates “my brother” when opening speeches. Everyone else, such as the WHO-favored Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, are addressed as dignitaries. Through its CEPI work, the current Norwegian government is allied with Gates, Norway funding billions into vaccine programs.

A strong defender of the current strategies of the WHO leadership, now under scrutiny for its mismanagement in reporting during the COVID-19 scandal, Solberg has taken a remarkable strong stance while other European leaders question the WHO.

Her over 20 minute long interview with CNN as well as a WHO speech illustrate the Norwegian willingness to defend the status quo.

Non-elected Western billionaire oligarchs attempt to rule us now, Bill Gates forefront as the “pandemic expert.” Through the Davos system, private capital merges with lucrative government funds, causing the rise of oligarchs replacing democratic rule of nation states. Global private capital has an unprecedented access to taxpayer money.

Gates owns everything from charity to world vaccines, pays the WHO by the billions, funds NGOs and controls politicians who treat him like a king from the Middle Ages. He owns medical facilities, controls distribution channels and medical staff, owns the research, the vaccines, the health institutes, and was recently criticized by Robert Kennedy for his “messianic complex.” Just talk to Elon Musk.

It is a massive problem that non-democratically elected Bill Gates shapes our democracies with “philanthropist” billions. Gates pushed the idea of the pandemic of the century. He even suggested in a recent interview, that the opening up should not come until there is a digital immunity proof documenting who is vaccinated or not. The vaccine would be Gates-owned, we assume.

So, our nations should be shut down for months, destroying Western economies completely?

As it turns out, Gates has been wrong so far. Globally, up to 650 000 people die yearly of a regular influenza, according to the China and Gates friendly WHO. On April 12, 112,447 individuals globally, according to Worldometer, have died with coronavirus.

In 2018 alone, over 80,000 were killed by the seasonal influenza in the U.S., reported CNN. Yet there was no media attention back then.

This year’s U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers estimate that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to regular influenza illnesses. Nobody compares these numbers to COVID-19’s 21,000 deaths.

Note that the correct numbers are hard to estimate, as the U.S. now allows suspicion of coronavirus to be enough for medical personnel to state it as the cause of death.

So many have spoken of the danger in not allowing the establishment of herd immunity. The need to protect the old and the medically frail is key, without destroying the economy. Dr. Knut Wittkowski, Rockefeller University New York, said in an interview earlier this month that the isolation policies could result in more deaths in the long term, writes Daily Wire. Lockdown prolongs efforts in developing herd immunity among the population.

An alarming interview with Germany’s forefront virus expert in microbiology and a world authority on the subject, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, sends a chillingly apocalyptic message: that the Western government shutdown is a completely wrong and extremely dangerous response to COVID-19.

He says that self-isolating the whole population is “grotesque, absurd and very dangerous. All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide caused by fear.”

Nobody listens to Dr. Bhakdi or Dr. Wittkowski, as we have world leader and “pandemic expert” Bill Gates all over every news channel. For the first time in history, lack of supply or demand did not shut down the economy and create a depression. State leaders forced the shutdown on their own nations, local businesses, industries, corporations and employers. The situation is unprecedented in history.