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Today is the first of 40 Days of Prayer leading up to the presidential election.

Although the event ends the same day as the November election, Dave Butts, who chairs America’s National Prayer Committee (NPC), tells OneNewsNow that is not the central theme. He says the religious leaders he has met throughout his travels agree that the country is in trouble.

“We’ve got serious issues — economic, social, cultural, racial, international [and] political. We have problems, and no one person is going to solve this,” Butts asserts. “The problem ultimately isn’t in the White House; it’s in our house. This is an act of humility before God that the church in America needs desperately to do.”

He says the nation needs repentance and revival.

“I believe God’s given us a window. This is a call that seems harsh in some ways,” the chairman suggests. “You know, we’re in trouble. We have to pray. You have to repent — all of that sounds really, really harsh, but in a sense, it is an act of mercy. It’s a message of hope that God still is not done with America, and He’s calling us to prayer.”

Butts adds that one of the principles of prayer in scripture is that when God calls people to pray, “it means He’s ready to do something, and He’s calling us to pray to release His power.”